Top 5 Natural Skin care treatment for better skin in winter

Winter is a wonderful season. It is a time when the natural world becomes more attractive to us. I’m sure that you enjoy winter in the same manner I enjoy it. There are many benefits to winter, but some negatives too. 

The winter months make our skin dry and dull. Our bodies feel healthy and happy, however our skin isn’t able to enjoy it as much. You can apply different kinds of body lotions and creams to soothe dryness. 

If you keep an eyes on the natural world there are many products that you can apply to your skin care routine. I will talk with you about a natural skin care products for winter skin. Make use of them and fall in the love with your skin.

Papaya pack

Papaya is a great fruit for our bodies. It is abundant in vitamins and minerals. It can also aid in digestion and is a good foods for skin treatment. For use in your skin, you need crush the papaya and add 2 tablespoons of honey to them. 

Mix them well and it will transform into a pink shade. Protect your skin by using the papaya wrap and allow drying. It can take as long as 30 minutes or more to dry. After that, cleanse your face with gentle hot water. 

New cells will develop in your skin and they appear fresher than before. Papaya is rich in vitamin A and C , which is a nutritious diet for your skin. It contains antioxidants that help to reduce the production from free radicals. 

Radicals cause aging. Also, it contains potassium to eliminate dryness and dullness on your skin. Also, it helps to soften your skin thanks to flavonoids. Flavonoids boost the production of collagen. Ripe papaya contains Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA). 

It assists in removing dead skin cells, and clean the pores too. Regular use of the papaya packs will decrease the oil content of your skin. The oil on your skin can lead to acne. Papaya is a source of papain enzyme that eliminates sebum from the skin. 

Sebum that is too thick produces oil and is prone to acne. If you have any type of fungal infection is visible on your skin, apply papaya packs to treat your skin naturally.

Almonds and milk Skin Pack

Making your own almond skin and milk pack is very simple. All you need is the two almonds as well as some milk. It is recommended to use milk that is raw, however, you can also use different types of milk. Almonds are a nutrient-rich almond that is easy to buy in the market. 

Place the almonds into the pot along with some water and let them soak for a few hours. Scrape off their skins and then smash them. Mix in some milk using the almonds you smash. Mix them well and your skin treatment is ready for apply. 

Almonds are an excellent food source for vitamin E that is beneficial to use for facial treatment. Milk can also be a great moisturizing agent for skin that is oily. The enzymes and acids it contains help to make your skin smooth and soft. 

Sebum produced by oily skin absorbs more dirt, which can cause breakouts from acne. It is a great option to treat oily skin during winter. Any skin issue can be addressed by using this pack. However, if you’re sensitive to milk, try to avoid this cream.

Coconut oil

We’re all aware of coconut oil. But, do you realize the benefits it has for your skin? A majority of the cosmetics available on the market utilize coconut oil as the main ingredients. It is important to know that coconut oil is naturally antifungal and antibacterial. 

It is best to make use of coconut oil that is raw instead of purchasing them at shops. Coconut oil that is packaged in stores contains chemical that will keep it for a long time. Try to stay clear of these. It is advisable to take them out in the time you go to go to bed. 

They will give you a better sleep that you don’t have to think off. In winter, our skin begins to become dry throughout the day. Put some coconut oil with your fingers and place them on the skin that is dry and massage until your surface absorbs the oil. Don’t clean your skin prior to it is absorbed into your skin. 

It’ll soften your skin and nourish it naturally. It is also possible to use the products on your hair or on your face. It can help boost your hair’s growth and makes your face clear of pimples. You can cleanse the coconut oil that has accumulated when your skin is absorbing enough to allow for it. It’s one of the top products for skin care that is natural.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is high in antioxidants and other nutrients. It is possible to apply them to your skin to get a better outcome. Place some oil on your skin that is dry and massage it. Allow the skin to absorb the oil from sunflowers naturally. 

It is possible to use it on all areas of your body, and even on your hair. It helps ensure that your skin is well-nourished and well-hydrated. It’s a huge hit for its cosmetic and medical reason. It is extracted through seeds.

It contains many benefits to your skin, if you regularly use it. Cooking with it is beneficial to your skin and health. The fats and vitamins in it make it an excellent oil to consume. According to research, scientists claim that it may even fight against skin cancer. 

It destroys free radicals that are present in your skin , which can cause Cancer. It also works against acne, inflammation, and irritation to the skin. When it is cold outside, your skin turns dry and red. It is possible to rub sunflower oil onto your skin to eliminate it. It’s better than the natural skin care product that you purchase in stores.

Strawberry pack

Strawberries are delicious fruits. In addition to its taste, it’s beneficial for our health and our skin. It is a rich source of vitamin C along with antioxidants. Vitamin C fights free radicals, and also destroys collagen. 

Free radicals block the pathway of oxygen delivery to the cells. The fiber in your diet can aid to fight off acne and pimples. Folic acid can help you make new cells in your body . It can be found in strawberry. The formation of wrinkles can be stopped with regular use of the strawberry packs. 

Its antioxidants acid combat wrinkles. It’s also effective to shield your skin from damaging UV radiations. Apart from fighting the free radicals that cause damage, Vitamin C will also help the oily skin problem by eliminating excessive sebum from your skin. 

Regular use of strawberry will make your skin more radiant than before. Apply them to your dry skin and experience relief from the irritation. To make the packs make a pack, you need some strawberries and a teaspoon of honey. 

Blend them and mix them well. It can be used on all your body parts, keeping away from the lips and eyes. If you’re searching for something to help your oily skin, it could be the perfect food to maintain your skin’s health.


The winter season is a wonderful time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. It is only possible to take advantage of this stunning environment when you’re healthy. Healthy also implies that you maintain a healthy and beautiful skin. 

If the beautiful weather affects the delicate skin of yours, it’s best to stay clear of it. If you do have something to combat these issues then you are able to have fun with it. It is best to opt for natural treatments instead of the synthetic one. 

We have talked about some of the natural treatments you can try out. We’ve conducted extensive studies and have a few active practices regarding the methods prior to speaking with you. They are sure to help with your winter skin problems. If you’ve found this useful make sure to share, like or comment and share.

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