Is Microwave Popcorn Fattening?

Health is the greatest riches of the planet. There is nothing more valuable then your wellbeing. Diet plays an essential part in keeping your health overall in good shape. We all need entertainment and take pleasure in it in various ways. Sometimes, we’d like popcorn in the microwave at our fingertips. If this happens only occasionally and it is not a problem, then there isn’t to worry about. However, regular use of microwave popcorn can be an unhealthy way to eat. There are scientific descriptions in this regard that will be explained in detail in the next section. Go there to see what it has to you.

The difference in Air Popped Popcorn and Microwave Popcorn

The primary distinction between air-popped as well as microwave-popped popcorn lies in the method of cooking. One method is the air-popped method , while the other method is made by using microwave. Commercial popcorn is in that category as microwave popcorn. Air-popped popcorn contains only 28% of fat whereas the microwave can handle 43% of the fat. The calories consumed also increase when you opt for microwave popcorn. If you’re working on reducing stomach fat the microwave popcorn should not be a part of your diet, for whatever reason. But air-popped popcorn made at home can be beneficial for your health.

Microwave popcorn is also made with various artificial flavors so that you can enjoy it more pleasant to smell. The smell is so strong that if it spills onto your tableand you don’t clean it correctly and thoroughly, it could last even for a whole week. There is no health benefit aside from the pleasure of your tongue’s buds. The packaging is also associated with a adverse health effects that can cause cancerous cells to form in the kidney. However air-popped popcorn is safe and can be eaten even when you’re on the strictest of diets.

What can microwave popcorn do to cause you to gain weight?

Popcorn is a very popular snack that is packed with nutritious fibers. It is healthy for health and can assist you lose weight. However, the game shifts when you microwave popcorn. Since popcorn is not very calorific it will quickly satisfy your appetite, without making you overweight. This particular fact applies only to air-popped popcorn. Microwave popcorn is loaded with calories, and is also loaded with harmful ingredients. Since your calories intake will rise, you’ll become overweight due to eating microwave popcorn. It’s healthier for you to avoid microwave popcorn.

Bottom Line

Popcorn can be healthy if it is air-popped and not microwave-cooked. If you’re only eating it once or twice it is not something to be concerned about. However, consuming a lot of microwave popcorn that is commercially available is not the best choice. Create your own homemade popcorn in home and remain healthy. It won’t take a lot of your time and help you stay fit. The final thing I would like to mention is that microwave popcorn is a fattening food, however air-popped popcorn is healthier.

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