6 Best Tube Combo AMP Under 500 Review

A good tube combo amplifier is difficult to locate on the market. Many of them do not meet your expectations. We are here to present to you the top six tube amps available that are available to give you a better experience you. They’ll come at affordable price, so you can easily afford the price. That doesn’t mean we’re not compromising on quality.

In our selection, high-quality is always better than the cost. We are confident in our team that has completed the necessary research to ensure that you can purchase one of them with no anxiety. Big names like Orange, Roland, Blackstar, etc. are listed in this chart. There are also some distinct differences between practicing and gigging. There is something for all those who are interested.

Study them attentively and decide which one is best for you. We will only guide you along the way, however it is your choice to follow it or not.

Orange Amps Electric Guitar Power Amplifier Orange CR60C

The amplifier in orange is a reputable brand in the market. They’ve earned this reputation by their high-end. You can expect the best when you’ve purchased the orange amps electrical guitar amplifier. One of the greatest advantages for this amp is the fact that the control mechanism is fairly easy to use. It includes a volume knob as well as a three-band section of EQ.

It’s great for practicing and also for home use. CabSim technology has increased the power to use the amplifier for guitar. The 12 watts of power are enough to produce a the bluesy or rock sound you want. The price is quite affordable for home use. Sound system in good condition.

A few advantages and disadvantages of Orange Amps Electric Guitar Power Amplifier Orange C60C


  • It will give you an experience of high-quality
  • The cost of the guitar amplifier in orange is affordable
  • An inexperienced person can effortlessly master it since it is easy to master it.
  • The EQ band gives an unbalanced sound


  • The output of this amplifier isn’t that high.

Roland CUBE Street EX 4-Channel 50W Battery Powered Amplifier

Roland cube is an old battery amplifying power of the guitar. It can be used not just for the guitar but also with drums and vocal microphones or using your phone. If you’d like to use it for a longer duration, you can utilize the option to save power. It can be run at 20 to 10 watts when using the above mentioned mode. If you choose to go for 50 watts, you can run it for more than one hour.

The crystal clear sound is enough to awe you. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on a big stage. The portable PA can be used for use in all places. It’s perfect for those who want to use the device to play your guitar effortlessly. Cube Street EX is loaded with impressive features that will give you everything you need from a battery-powered amp.

A few advantages and disadvantages of Roland CUBE Street EX 4 Channel 50-Watt Battery-Powered Amplifier


  • Experience amazing sound at every location you’d like
  • It comes with a high-power saving mode that will help you save energy.
  • Connect the amplifier to your IOS devices.
  • It is able to work in accordance with your needs
  • The Roland amplifier is equipped with built-in tuners


  • The battery-powered amplifier does NOT come with a footswitch.

Blackstar 5R 5-Watt 1×12″ Guitar Combo Amp with Reverb

Blackstar is the most popular of the market over the past few years. This combo of tubes comes with an extensive control panel that has many options. It also features a 3-band ISF combination. There is a reverb level knob on the list of features for this Blackstar combination amplifier. It is available in 12AX7 or a 12BH7 which has 5 watts on various settings.

Cab Emulation from this product can help you enjoy a quiet practice environment. Loop effect well-designed. It also comes with an MP3 player and footswitch. With all the top features, it’s still with a price that is affordable. Pick the tone colors in accordance with your preferences. The addition of microphones will not affect the effectiveness of the audio amplifier.

A few advantages and disadvantages of Blackstar HT-5R, a 5-watt 1X12″ Guitar Combo Amp featuring Reverb


  • Its tone is of a high quality. Blackstar is noticeable.
  • It includes three-band EQ, as well as an ISF control.
  • The finest reverb available on the market is available with this amp
  • The price of this amp is within a an affordable price


  • A few regular users claim that it isn’t lasting for very long.

Line 6 Spider V 240 HC

The primary benefit I would like to point out about this amplifier is the fact that it has an integrated full-range stereo speaker. It’s the first of its kind and performs pretty well. The vast array of effects and amps give you the chance to dominate the stage with incredible tones. The eight different outcomes are important that you can experience various tones in the highest quality.

Enjoy music, both electric and acoustic guitars by using one line 6 Spider amplifier. You no longer have to stress about separate amplifiers for various guitar styles. The 240 watt power allows you to keep up with other high-quality instruments in the same room. Experience the wireless function of the device and break the cord tension was previously in use.

A few advantages and disadvantages of Line 6 Spider V240 HD


  • You can experience high-frequency sounds thanks to the built-in stereo speakers
  • Signal receivers inside amps enable you go wireless on the stage
  • The built-in real-time drummer and tuner feature is another thing to be looking forward to.
  • Many high quality models that have an effect


  • It’s impossible to run 16omh using the black line 6 spider Amps.

VOX VT40X Modeling Amp, 40W

VOX is ready to provide you a brand new amp that can enhance your playing enjoyment of playing guitar. It’s got a brand new technology called VET. VET is a shorthand for Virtual Element Technology. The feature was introduced to offer the best sound quality ever before. The sound effects will be realistic and clear to listen to. Features such as Valvetronix tube preamps are also included with this amp.

There is a software that allows you to alter the amps and effects that is known as VOX Tone Room. It’s a powerful amp that can be used not just for practicing but also to record or gig. It is possible to use a footswitch for rapid changes to your time to give you plenty of time your guitar. It’s the next generation of 40W heavy amps for you.

A few pros and cons the VOX Modeling Amp VT40X 40W


  • Virtual Element Technology (VET) ensure that you receive high-quality sound quality
  • You’ll get USB connectivity and a built-in tuner
  • The footswitch can also be found on this VOX VT40X
  • It can be used to play gigs.


  • There isn’t any signal shielding for drain wires that could cause a noise issue.

Line 6 Spider Jam Guitar Amplifier

Are you looking for an amplifier that can assist you in improving your skills? Line 6 spider is an ideal option for this type of work. This engine that is endless that comes with multitrack loop recorder features could be ideal to use for daily routine. It’s the most powerful 75-watt power section, that could be ideal for a variety of purposes. Sound quality can be excellent enough to be used for everyday practice.

It is easy to operate the amp and includes a tuner built-in. Practice and gigging are possible using these great Tube power amplifiers. Are you looking for more instruction in guitar? Join their online group and get over 500 new lessons in the guitar. A variety of input ports with 12 distinct amps and cabinet models will bring you to the top of your class.

Explore the most sought-after sounds and be a professional in your field. The recording software has been integrated with Spider Jam, the Spider Jam guitar amplifier which lets you record for up to 28 minutes. Make sure you record your work and then have fun with it later. The time you’ll spend with this instrument will surely be one to cherish. For beginners, the control panel easy and simple to use.

A few advantages and disadvantages of Line 6 Spider Jam Guitar Amplifier


  • You can record your work on guitar for up to 28 mins
  • Join the Line private group to learn from professional activities
  • It comes with an onboard tuner that can enhance the capabilities of the amps.
  • 75-watt amps can be powerful enough to satisfy all of your needs


  • Line 6 Spider Jam amps are not wireless. Line 6 Spider Jam amps aren’t wireless.

Buying Guide – Best Tube Combo Amp Under 500

If you do not have a thorough understanding of guitar amplifiers, there’s no escape route for you. There are many people who will try to trick you to make money. Here is a tips on how to grab the very best from a tube amp combo. Let’s begin.

Head and Combo are not the same thing.

You are probably familiar with the term combo, head. It is an amplifier that has an integrated speaker. It’s cheap and perfect for those who are just starting out. Turn on the amp and you’re set to go. Head is not a speaker, however it provides more power, which is why it is utilized in the majority of stage performances. It is recommended to choose a combination when you’re new to this area.


You might be aware that you have more power and that you can run. have to use. Same time happens for your amps. If you’re just beginning your journey and are just beginning to play the first note, 5-10 watt is adequate for. In the future, if you decide to try gigs in smaller venues, you could go with 15-50 power. The range of power is contingent on the venue you’re performing. In large auditoriums or outdoors, you might require greater than 100 watts which is a greater power amplifier. Find out what you require.


We are playing guitar for the pleasure to the music. If it doesn’t deliver a clean, clear sound, then it’s nothing more than a waste. Power requirements can also be worked out by the quality of music and the amount of power is required in various zones. Built-in speakers are excellent options for tube combo amplifiers. This makes it easier for you since there’s no need to consider adding an additional speaker prior to playing. Take a look at the mentioned six-tube combo amps, and then pick your favorite.

The last word

If you’ve been through this section you have probably go through the top 10 list of the top tube combination amps under $500. It should be obvious to you which is the best choice for you. Be patient and discover the most suitable deal for you. This isn’t a product that you’ll want to purchase for everyone. It must last longer and offer the longest service. Everything you require is met to allow you to enjoy the playing time of your guitar with no issues.

We’ve completed our part, now is the time to finish yours. Be wise and make the right decision. We do not want our clients to fall for deceit. We’d like for them to win in the game of marketing. All of the data we have provided here is taken from reliable sources and regular user reviews.

Our primary objective is to help you to your hectic life. If you are willing to share your valuable opinions with us, we have the motivation to keep doing what we are doing. If you’ve decided to purchase one and you want to purchase one, you can do so by clicking the link below. This will allow us make a profit. Join us to keep you informed about latest quality products that are in the market.

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