Best Memory Foam Pillow For Side Sleepers

Sleeping is a routine and vital exercise for everyone. It can help heal and restore the energy of your body to function properly. A quality pillow is a important to rest comfortably. It can be difficult to find the right pillow for your head and neck. Everyone has their own sleep patterns and have an individual set of requirements. If you’re looking for the right pillow, it should be to have a comfortable one.

There are numerous other factors to be considered. For example, side sleepers require additional support in their back and stomach sleepers want more oxygen flow in the pillow. The size and shape of the pillow have a significant impact on the decision making process. Every pillow maker declares that their products are the top. They won’t provide you with the negatives of their product.

It’s your task to determine the most effective memory foam pillow for yourself. You must identify your requirements and classify them in accordance with your requirements. I will tell you about the five top memory foam pillows currently available. I will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of each in short. I hope you be able to use them and choose the most suitable one for you.

10 of the Best Memory Foam Pillows for Side Sleepers – Review

You’ll learn about the top five best memory foam pillows for sleeping on the side. They all beat their competitors with superior the quality and design. The information contained in this article has been double-checked and certified.

EPABO Contour Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

The EPABO Orthopedic Pillow is suitable for all kinds of sleepers. You can utilize it for those who are side sleeper , back sleeper, or a stomach sleeper at any time. It could provide advantages in any sleeping positions. You may have some discomfort using the pillow if are the first user of these kinds of pillows. However, it is unlikely to last for more than one week. It is possible to relax using the memory foam cushion within this timeframe.

The premium design of this pillow allows it to be easily adjusted to your neck, head shoulder and back. If you suffer from neck pain frequently, it is worth looking at this. It is a great way to ease the tension in the neck. A regular usage of the pillow will reveal a new side of your life that is filled with happiness and joy. The pillow is constructed of top quality materials that will give you a an uninterrupted night of sleep.

The product is made of foam that is able to circulate air that is breathable. It is not difficult to spread even if you’re a stomach sleeper. The pillowcase is composed of polyester. This makes the pillow comfortable and soft. The pillow’s height is 4 inches and is free from any type of chemical bond. Apart from that they also provide a 30-day return guarantee.

After having used it for one month, if you believe that the orthopedic pillow isn’t sufficient for your needs You can then ask for an entire refund. The inside of the pillow isn’t washable, but you are able to use the washable pillowcase. It is recommended that you wash the pillowcase on a the lowest setting in your machine. It will be possible to smell the primary scent that the pillow has after a few days of usage, which is quite nice.

A Few Pros and Con of EPABO Contour Memory Foam Orthopedic Pillow


  • The position you sleep in isn’t important, and it’s appropriate for everyone.
  • It can be helpful in the event that you suffer from a problems with snoring.
  • The pillow’s foam is eco-friendly.
  • Made of chemical-free quality material
  • The manufacturer provides a 30 day return policy


  • It is possible to experience a unpleasant smell of memory foam in the initial days of its packaging. After a couple of days of use it will disappear on its own.

Royal Therapy CertiPUR US Certified Memory Foam Pillow

Royal Therapy has a queen-sized pillow for you to utilize your behind-the-ear pressure point to help you drift off to sleep. It’s made for all kinds of sleepers. It can be used even if when you’re a stomach sleeper. It will provide a solid support for your head and neck. The material used in this pillow completely free of any kind of toxic substances and harmful chemicals. It is therefore completely green.

The memory foam pillow was once thought to be uncomfortable to turn however this US certified pillow will provide you with the comfort you need in every move. It can help the neck as well as your head unwind and ease tension. The middle portion of the cushion is detachable and it is easy to adjust it to meet the needs of your body. The soft force of the pillow can ensure that you get a better night’s sleep and more comfortable.

The adjustable side sleeper bamboo pillow is a great way to improve oxygen circulation. It can help you get an uninterrupted sleep at the time. Within the initial days following the use there is a mild smell that could result in the solution in a few days. If you’re experiencing this problem, there is no reason to be concerned. The issue will eventually go away.

This pillow has been designed to be hypoallergenic that means it is able to prevent fungus, bacteria and the growth of mold. Unique heat technology is employed to make this comfy pillow to lower the production of heat. Certain pillows may become flat after a particular amount of time, however this one is a bit different in this pillow. It is not going to flatten and will always keep its shape.

The process of cleaning the pillow is quite easy. Additionally, it gives customers a refund policy of 100 days policy and a five year warranty. If something goes wrong, you are able to replace it within the specified time duration. The pillow is able to compete with premium pillows and earn its mark under your neck and your head.

Some Pros and Con of Royal Therapy CertiPUR US Certified Memory Foam Pillow


  • It is easy to alter the pillows to your requirements.
  • Bamboo covers are very comfy to sleep on.
  • It could help to alleviate your snooze issue and also assist your back to be in the correct alignment
  • Memory foam pillow covers are easy to clean and maintain.
  • It is equipped with two distinct slopes that you can pick the slope that best suits the slope you prefer.


  • The scent of your pillow might be uncomfortable for a few days however, it will disappear within a few days

Cradle Me Orthopedic Contour Pillow

Cradle Me Pillow Cradle Me Pillow comes with premium orthopedic designs that is different in height and shape to suit your neck and head. It is made of soft and breathable materials, which will allow you to get a good night’s sleep. One of the most appealing things about it is the fact that it’s non-odorless from the very beginning. It doesn’t require blow out air like other pillows available.

The cervical pillow is perfect for both side and back sleepers. To ensure maximal comfort, it comes with a stunning butterfly design. It eases tension from your head and neck that helps you ease your body. Switch the sides or the shape of your pillow till you have found an ideal shape that you are comfortable with. It can be a great addition to each sleeping position.

You may be suffering from neck pain for several days or even a month. The orthopedic pillow was made to help you get relief from this type of tension. In addition, it will improve your posture by helping to maintain the proper alignment of your spine. It will be evident that you’ll have an improvement in your mornings when you start using the pillow on a regular basis.

If you’re prone to allergies, there’s isn’t a problem. The mattress is hypoallergenic. This means there is no risk of the triggers for allergies. Stop telling you are unable to rest well at the night. You can enjoy a peaceful sleep with this pillow that has multiple shapes. This pillow is made by America. United States of America and promises you 100 percent satisfaction.

A Few Pros and Cons of the Cradle me Orthopedic Contoured Pillow


  • The memory foam in this orthopedic pillow incredibly comfy
  • It is a simple way to get relief from pain and pressure
  • The pillow’s design is distinctive and useful.
  • It’s among the top pillows for sleepers on the side.
  • In order to improve your spinal alignment it will improve your posture
  • It is totally free from any type of smell problems
  • It is made from the USA and offer a 100% satisfaction.


  • It’s not cheap when compared to other pillows but the quality is outstanding.

Z Gel Memory Foam L-Shape Pillow to side sleeping Comfort

Z Gel Memory Foam is comprised of polyurethane that is also referred to as flexible foam. In addition, it enhances the thickness, stickiness in addition to the overall density of the pillows. It’s designed to offer you comfort in every environments. The L size of the pillow provides complete support and comfort for your shoulder and neck.

If you’re an insomniac, this will provide significant benefits for you. It is based on gel dough that makes it more refreshing and soft memory foam compared to conventional memory foam. It is also able to alleviate sleeping discomforts, allowing you to effortlessly sleep. Not just for side sleepers this pillow is an ideal for back and stomach sleepers too.

If you like shifting your position in bed at the end of the night, this is an the perfect choice for you. Get rid of the stress of multiple pillows and pick this one. The cover is comprised of Tencel and is commonly referred to as Lyocell. The type of fiber used is composed of wood pulp. It is eco-friendly since it has the ability to rapidly decompose in the earth.

It’s an elegant and stylish fiber. It is easy to spread your breadth through this pillow. It also has a natural wrinkle resistance. It is free of any bacteria and will keep you cool during summer, and warm in winter. The product was developed from America. United States of America and is covered by a five-year warranty. You can take off the cover for wash purposes.

You can choose between two different sizes. One of them is 26 by 26 inches by 5 inches, while the alternative has a measurement of 10.2 by 10.2 by 2 inches. The excellent moisture management capabilities will ensure you sleep at the optimal temperatures. Apart from being covered by a warranty gives you 30 days to return the product with the possibility of a full refund. It could be an important factor for you and can improve your sleep posture.

A Few Pros and Cons of Z Gel Memory Foam L-Shape Sleep Pillow to sleep on your side Comfort


  • The cover of the pillow is made of Lyocell that is also called Tencel
  • A variety of options to select from
  • It’s much more comfy than the majority of other standard memory foams.
  • The pillow’s design is unique and useful.
  • It is backed by a warranty and a refund policy


  • The zipper on the pillow can break, so be aware when washing it.

UTTU Pillow Pillows Adjustable Memory Foam

UTTU Pillow is suitable for all sleepers in any position. It doesn’t matter which side you’re sleeping on. You can alter the elevation of your pillows in accordance with your preference. It can help improve the posture of your body and give some relief to neck discomfort and insomnia. Additionally, the pillow could give you relief from back pain that is intense and strain on the cervical vertebrae.

You can make use of it to ease your muscles and enjoy a peaceful sleep in a dream. The weather isn’t a factor in its comfortable stage. A pillow was once very hard to the point of being unusable However, it’s completely different with this pillow. It guarantees you all year long peace and relaxation. Get your body recharged by using this cushion.

The cover of the pillow is mostly comprised of polyester and the remainder is made of bamboo. This combination is unique and makes an excellent memory foam pillow that has soft, smooth feel. It is possible to easily take the pillow off to clean it. It has been certified by three different reputable bodies, ISPA (International Sleep Products Association) as well as CertiPUR and OEKO-TEX. It is completely free of any type of toxin and has long-term performance.

The manufacturer has a long time period of refunds. The pillow can be used for longer than three months, and then return it if you’re unhappy with the service. They will offer you the full amount back. Additionally, it includes a five-year warranty. If you notice any kind of oddity in the specified timeframe it is possible to contact them to resolve the issue.

It’s the one of the first to have adjustable height and ensure a good night’s sleep. It is easy to remove the cover of your pillow and wash it using both tumble drying and washing machines. It’s got a fantastic ventilation system that keeps the memory foam cushion cool, so you are able to sleep without discomfort.

A Few Pros and Cons of UTTU Pillows with Memory Foam Adjustable Pillow


  • It comes with three layers. You are able to alter your height to four different sizes.
  • The pillow will ensure your complete sleeping comfort
  • The maintenance and cleaning process on the cushion is easy
  • It is certified as official by different reputable organizations.
  • This memory foam cushion is ideal to be used all year round.
  • It is strong and lasts for a long time.


  • The chemical smell of the pillow could last for a whole week.

the best memory foam Pillows For Side Sleepers Shopping Tips

I would follow these guidelines whenever I wanted to purchase an mattress made of memory foam. These tips can be used to select the best cushion made from memory foam that is suitable for those who sleep on their sides.

Pillow Types

Different kinds of pillows have different advantages and features. You must know the features you require. If you are suffering from neck and head pain, look for something that will provide relief from tension in your muscles. However should you experience the problem of snoozing, then you need to consider other options that help you get rid of the issue. The most well-known types of pillows are described below.

Memory foam with cooling gel: This pillow use an infused gel to decrease the retention of heat from the foam. If you’re in the areas that are hot and have a sweating problem , you should take advantage of this.

natural foam The foam comprised of natural ingredients. The use of natural ingredients makes that it is hypoallergenic. It won’t cause any allergic reaction for your health.

multi-foam cushion: Different types of pillows are combined to create the ideal mattress for the user. It will provide you with comfortable and cooling while at the same time.

The memory foam is shredded. The type of cushion is pliable and moldable. It is possible to choose the shape you prefer according to the requirements of your. The ability of the pillow to breathe is also an important factor.

Density Levels of Pillows

The right density pillows is crucial for good sleep. The right pillow is contingent on the way you sleep. Your posture will be more affected when you nighttime sleep. In order to maintain a good spine shape, it is important be sure to choose the appropriate level of firmness in your pillow. It also plays an important part in providing relief from head and neck discomfort.

In general there are three types of density for pillows: medium, soft, and firm. The soft pillow density is ideal to stomach-sleepers. They are thin and comfy. They allow your head to rest on the pillow and remain in the position of a flat surface. The medium thickness is ideal for those who sleep on their backs. It will help ease the upper spine and give you a good night’s sleep. The dense pillow can be the perfect option for sleepers who prefer to sleep sideways. Its fill is thicker than the other pillows that are mentioned.

It helps keep your spine in a straight line and provides relief from neck and head stiffness. There are a variety of other types of density that are often sub-classes of the one mentioned. For instance, if you often changed your sleeping position during the night, you could consider an intermediate-firm density pillow. Some pillows are also equipped with variable density options. This segment of pillows is growing rapidly and continuously.

Pillow Cover and Protection

Covers and protection are an important aspect to be aware of. It is essential in ensuring that you sleep well and at ease. It is important to choose a pillow that is easy to remove and clean. Pillows made of material, and waterproof is the most effective. Dust protection is an important option to keep your pillow tidy and clean. A better pillow cover can reduce allergies and asthma. It is important to choose the best price you can find.

Garanty and Refund

It is best to have a warranty or refund policy in place. A lot of high-quality products can don’t meet your expectations. If this happens, in this scenario, you may wish to return the product. It is only feasible when they provide the option of a refund or a guarantee. The best quality products always have certain warranties. You can spend some time on your pillow and determine if whether it’s worth it to yourself or not.


Your pillow must be of good quality to ensure a good sleep in the night. It can help you get into energy to be active throughout the day. In addition, it’s beneficial to improve your spinal alignment and keep your work-related. It is important to remember that just because something works right for one person, doesn’t mean it has to be the same thing for you. People have different sleep habits and patterns.

There is no need to buy pillows by looking at another person. It is important to determine what you want from a pillow. It is important to research your needs prior to deciding on the right memory foam pillow. If you’ve completed the job correctly you are sure to enjoy a great time with your pillow and head restorative. However If you are unprofessional in your work and do not take your time, you’ll be to be paying for it.

Each memory foam pillow that I’ve listed in my top five is superior to many other pillows on the market. They all offer the option of a guarantee or a refund. Always, I strive to bring benefits to your busy life. The information that is provided here is based upon the latest research and user reviews. I hope you find it helpful and will help you purchase a product.

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