34 Best Leg Exercises Of All Time

The legs are a lower-body component. Both must be strong for benefit of better health. Legs that are strong can give you more performance on a daily basis. If you’re looking to become an athlete, you must focus on your lower body. 

You must do regularly to ensure they are healthy. I’ll discuss with you 34 kinds of leg exercises that are best. Hope you find them useful.

Calf Raise

Make sure you are straight and grab the dumbbell in both hands. Next, stand on a stool and let your hands swing free. Bring your feet up at the same time, and keep doing this for five minutes. 

Regularly practicing this exercise for your body will strengthen your legs than they were before.

Jumping Calf Raise

For this exercise it is necessary to place both hands behind your head, and then stand upright on your feet. Then, you can begin leaping with only your calves. Be sure to land lightly on the ground. Ten reps of this exercise every day to build strength on your calves.

Pause Squat

It’s an easy workout. Keep your body straight and then lower your ribcage while not carving into your lower back. Hold that position for five seconds before you climb up. 

This will build static strength for you lower back. It is possible to add this workout to your workout routine daily.

Barbell Hip Thrust

Place yourself on the bench and place an exercise bar in your hip. Make sure that your feet rest on the floor. Push the barbell forward with your hip and continue with the exercise. 

This exercise for the glutes will help in increasing the strength and speed that your back muscles have.

Reverse Lunge

It is important to place the hands of your hips on, and then stand straight. Move your left foot forward while the other one must be steady. Move your left foot down until your hips are parallel to the ground. Repeat the exercise with the right foot.

Walking Lunge

Make sure you are standing straight and put your hands on your hips with your hands spread out. Then, take a step on one leg, then bring the other leg until you are kneeling. Your upper body should be straight. Do a walk during this manner to improve your functional fitness.

Leg Press

Make sure you create an ideal 90-degree angle using your legs and torso. Take your back support and place it down. Then, push a weight using your feet. You can set the weight based on your capabilities. This is one of the most effective exercises for the lower part of your body.

Front Squat

The front squat can be beneficial to lower body workout. Fill your bar with weights. Be sure that each side has equally weights. Set the bar on the squat rack, measuring the height of your chest.

 Make sure you are in a posture to raise the bar using your shoulders and then adjust the grip. Set your foot in a comfortable position and do some squats.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Get a bench, and stand straight and straightening your back. Grab a dumbbell with both hands and then place both of your feet on bench. Take your body closer to the floor. Repeat the exercise with another leg. The single leg exercise is done.

Romanian Deadlift

Place yourself in the front of an exercise bar. Begin to lower yourself and hold the barbell with a firm grip. Make sure to stand up and maintain your core strength.

 Make sure to stop at your knee prior lifting your legs. Apart from the benefits for your legs and strengthening, it also assists in burning body fat.


It is essential to be straight and place your hands in the floor. Then, try sitting in a chair, and then return to your original position. Keep doing this and you’ll be aware that it’s the most effective exercise.

Skater Squat

Take one leg and stand in straight legs. Then, bring your left foot back to knee. The other leg should not move. Switch your legs and repeat the process. Do at least 10 reps every day.

Dumbbell Step-Ups

You should have dumbbells in your hands. Place a bench that is low in your face. Straighten your body and then step onto the bench using the left foot first. Next, do exactly the same using your right leg.

Bodyweight Calf Raise

You must be in the right position to hold your toes in place. You then need to lift your heels and lower them. You must ensure that you don’t sit on the bottom, and then repeat the exercise.

Overhead Lunge

Put a weight plate on your head and then stand straight. Move your right foot a little forward and then bring your left leg until your knees. Repeat the same pose using your left foot, and perform a few reps.


Get a weight bar and place yourself in the front of it. Then, band and hold the bar securely. Then pull the bar back and ensure your body is straight. After that, set the weight back down and do the same exercise.

Box Jump

Pick a box that is in the range of your jump ability. Make sure you are standing straight in the front of it and then jump onto the box. Be sure that your feet aren’t sagging when you jump.

Standing Calf Raise

Place a bar over your shoulder and sit straight. Then slowly move your feet up and then gradually lower. Repeat this routine to build strong legs.

Jump Squat

It is essential to maintain an upright position. Then, you should move your body down and move up, jumping widely. For this exercise you must be suspended in air for some time.

Seated Calf Raise

Place your calf on the machine and put your thighs beneath the pad of lever. Adjust your thighs correctly and try to raise the lever up and down.

The Reverse Table Up

Put your feet on the ground while bringing your knees up to your chest. Place your hands behind your back. Slowly lift your hips and then make a table place. Maintain that position for 5 seconds, then gradually lower your hips.

Glute bridge Workout

Put your body straight on the floor and extend both knees. Place your hands in front of your body for stability. Slowly move your hips upwards and downwards.

One Leg Romanian Deadlift

Put some weight in your hands while maintaining a straight body posture. Then, push your left leg forward and your upper body toward the ground. Return to your original place and repeat the exercises with your right leg.

Single Leg Glute Bridge

You must lie on the ground and then bend your knees. Then, lift your leg that is left off the ground and straighten it. Then slowly move your hips up. Switch legs and repeat exactly the same.

Switzerland ball leg curl

Get a ball, and place it upon the ground. Your foot should be on the ball’s top and then bring it toward your body with the assistance of your feet. Repeat this routinely to increase leg endurance.

Kettlebell Press Out

Place a kettlebell on your chest, and then stand straight. Then, sit on your knees and then push the kettlebell inward. Switch your direction of standing and do the exercise again.

Kettlebell Swing

It is necessary to place the kettlebell before your body and bend in front of it. Make sure you hold it tight and the kettlebell in a forward and reverse direction through between your legs.

Dumbbell squat

Place your feet a little apart and then stand up straight. Place some weight into both hands. Try to keep your hand straight and move your body downwards. Return to the original position, and repeat.

Wall Squat with Swiss Ball

You’ll need an Swiss ball between the middle of your body , and a wall. Then, you can straighten your body and do semi-squats. It will aid your legs and back simultaneously.

Goblet Squat

In the beginning it is necessary to hold a kettlebell towards your chest. Then, squat until your hamstring is in contact with your calves. Then, stop then return to the previous one.

Suspension Leg Curl Trainer

Relax on your back and secure your legs using suspension straps. To perform this exercise you will need to pull your feet towards your back and thighs.

Walk with Banded Lateral

You should bandage your legs over the ankle, and then put them in a squatting posture slightly. Then, walk in a straight line toward your hand.


Place a bar on the front rack and do Squats. When you are back from a sitting squat and push the bar forward, you can push it upwards. Repeat the process again and perform a few repetitions.

Staggered Deadlift Stance

Attach a bar to your hips, and then place your leg on the right side slightly forward. Then, you can begin to pull the bar upwards and downwards. Repeat the same process using your left leg to strengthen your lower body.


The lower body is among the most vital organs of the human body. They let you run, walk, jump, and perform a myriad of other activities. It is important to take care of them to ensure better service. 

I’ve talked about 34 different exercises for your legs, which you can incorporate into your body-lunge workout. If you would like to show your appreciation for us, please don’t forget to share.

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